There's a fun "secret" game happening all around us every day. You feel lucky when you find one and excited to hide one. Kids and adults alike are taking part in a fun game and it all started on Facebook @StPeteRocks.

The possibilities are endless for painted rocks and places to hide and find them. A good friend of mine mentioned the rocks on Facebook, then a few days later I happened to be the "lucky one" who found 2 rocks at a local kids store in Seminole. I was with my 4 year old son who I told about this "secret" game and he was thrilled. A child is naturally drawn to collecting rocks and what a fun thing to do together and spend time outside. 

Different terms are used by the "rock" community...

"I've been rocked at Walmart"
"Going to rock out and hide my rocks at ......... Park"
"Thank you for rocking St Pete"
"Keep on rocking"

The Facebook page has now reached over 16,000 members. It's become quite the attraction for all ages. Rocks have been reported throughout Pinellas County, not just St Pete. People have posted pictures of rocks found at hardware stores, Walmart, Publix, parks, restaurants and more.

How to play:
1. Either find rocks or paint your own. Some are painting poems, kids movie characters, mermaids, abstract art and more. Some are funny, beautiful, unique and touching.

2. When you find these special rocks, you can keep them or re-hide them now or later.

3. When you find rocks, take a picture and post where you found it on the St Pete Rocks Facebook page.

4. When you paint your own and go to hide them, you can give the place you are hiding them or just a clue by taking a picture of the location (on a tree, park bench, etc) so people have to find them.

Keep on rocking! Check it out and Join on Facebook